Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need InsureYouKnow portal?

The purpose of is to keep you, and your loved ones, informed of what insurance policies, legal documents, and financial products you have. You choose who gets what information. Should something happen to you, the people you choose to share your information with can begin to safeguard your possessions and care for you. Some information you might share with family and friends are health insurance, life insurance, bank accounts, retirement accounts, health care contact list and medications. So, whether the unforeseen happens today or years from now, you have ensured that your family and trusted caretakers will know what to do and where your benefits are located. You’re in control.

How secure is your portal?

Our portal is encrypted and password protected. The information you enter never leaves our site; email updates sent from only tell loved ones the information you want to share. It doesn’t have any identifiable information in it. Only partial account numbers are uploaded to the site. Any documents you upload (driver’s license copy, passport, last will and testament) are password encrypted and the password is not known to the site, only you or someone you share the password with can ever access them.

What kind of information can I upload to your portal?

Insurance policies and financial products are often purchased during life changing moments such as a marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of real estate or the addition of other assets worth protecting. stores all of your meaningful and critical information such as life and health insurance policies, banking and retirement account information, current prescription drug use and pertinent medical information. For you and your personal safekeeping, you may want to keep credit card cancellation information, a copy of your driver’s license, a healthcare proxy, an advanced directive, all the information you want to ensure you never lose. Our users can also upload all of their important legal and contractual Documents and much more.

What kind of information do you collect?

We collect the minimal information about each account like your name and the last 4 digits of most accounts. Think of it as if you lost your wallet or purse, what information would you need to cancel credit cards, to secure bank accounts, etc. For example, you would most likely need the last 4 numbers of the credit card and the credit card provider’s phone number to begin securing your credit cards.

How does it work?

You upload the information you would like your family members, caretakers or trusted partners to know onto our encrypted and password protected Amazon Web Hosted Site. (This is the same Amazon site trusted by millions of people each day.) The information you upload is the minimal information you or your loved ones would need to assist you if you became incapacitated.

How is this beneficial to me?

The peace of mind knowing you and those you designate will be sent email reminders every three months regarding the policy information you want to share. provides the platform that allows you to do the work up front that will insure your loved ones and family members know where your insurance and benefits are located should you become incapacitated. Many types of Insurance are time-sensitive, so knowing they exist and how to get them is essential for anyone who needs to help you through a difficult time.

How easy is it to sign up and use your portal?

For your security our forms capture the minimal amount of information your loved ones would need to identify your account to a provider. There are indicators above the fields to help you know what’s important and what’s optional so as to minimize the time you spend inputting your information. If your computer, laptop or mobile phone supports voice dictation, so does our site!

What if my information is in several different places?

All your information from any and all companies can be stored here on our portal. is not limited to one company nor is it biased in any way. We’re here for every company and for everyone! Every insurance provider, every financial institution, every health care company has their own website. However, not one of them allows you to input the other company’s information onto their site. InsureYouKnow.Org is a comprehensive site that is there for you and all your information. We’re your one stop information site.

Do I have to provide full account information for all of my policies?

We encourage you to only use the last 4-6 digits for all your account or identification numbers. (Note: this information will be zipped protected by a password chosen by you and known only by you.)

How is my information protected?

This information is encrypted with a password that is not shared through our site, so only you and those you share the password with will be able to access it.

Can I not just keep this information on my computer external drive?

Every Life Insurance Company, Bank, Brokerage Firm and health Insurance provider has their own website. The challenge with their websites is trying to consolidate all of your vital information onto one secure location. Our portal allows you to securely and independently enter all of your vital information onto one site. As new and more complex product lines continue to evolve within the Life & Health Insurance industry and at Financial & Retirement Institutions, we provide you with links to some of the most trusted publications and sites. will help you remain diligent and in the know when it comes to your future insurance and financial decisions.

How often do I update my records once I am in your system?

We’ll send you reminders every three months to update your information. Have you changed jobs, did you add a new credit card, did you purchase a new insurance policy, is your current policy about to expire, do you need to renew it, do you need to share information with new people? You can even choose to share all your information, or parts of it, with family members and trusted partners.