Secure, Independent, and Comprehensive Electronic Safe Deposit Box for Life’s Vital Information

Keeping our members, their loved ones, and trusted partners aware and up to date on life’s critical information is our primary focus. Our secure portal allows you to store all meaningful and vital records in one secure easy-to-use location. We utilize Amazon cloud encryption to secure and protect each password encrypted account. Your password is not known to the site. Only you, or someone you share the password with, can ever access your account.

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Snapshot of the process

Step 1

Establish an account on our encrypted and password protected Amazon Web Hosted Site. Our portal allows you to securely and independently enter all of your vital information onto one site.

Step 2

Upload your vital information such as life and health insurance Information, banking and retirement accounts and important legal and contractual documents.

Step 3

Setup to receive reminders every month. You can choose to share all your information, or parts of it, with family members and trusted partners. Review and update periodically.

Why it works

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